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Steel gobos are patterns etched in steel and placed in an ellipsoidal fixture such as a Source 4. They can be static or rotated or combined with glass gobos, prismatics and color gels to produce an infinite variety of visual effect. They are inexpensive and easy to use and there are hundreds of standard designs available. You can even order your own custom design using your own artwork. Choose size when ordering -or enter custom and make and model of your lighting fixture. We can supply gobos to fit any fixture. You can use advanced search to help you find gobos by entering key words that suit your application.
Prismatics make kaleidoscope like effects from multicolored chips of glass embedded on the gobo surface. You will need a universal Iris slot Holder. Primatics can be conbined with other steel gobos to produce dramatic effects for very low cost. See for example the catherdral windows and fireworks kits
Colorizers can be used to create beautiful multi-colored projection effects. Colored in gentle hues in three different styles Stippled, Featherlight and Freeflow. Colorizers can be used alone or in combination with a steel pattern for an even more dramatic effect.
Image Glass are glass gobos with an impressed pattern that diffuse the light to form various texture effects
Color waves create vibrant colored textures and shapes. Each glass texture - Waves, Strands, Ripple, Mosaic, Sparkelit - is coated in one of five brilliant dichroic colors. The result is an attractive and unique combination of color, texture and shading. Color waves can be used in moving lights with lamps up to 1200 Watts and in ellipsoidal fixtures like the Source 4 with lamps up to 600 Watts and up to 750 Watts for short term exposure. The Colorwave mounts in the Universal Iris Slot Holder
Create wonderful effects by combining gobos in a rotator. We recommend you spend the money to buy a full featured rotator with DMX control and dual gobo capability - you get so much more its worth the expense.
Cool Ink plastic gobos use the same production techniques and transparency materials as the iPro slides. Plastic gobos are for use in cool running LED style projectors. The gobos are transparencies mounted in rigid plastic rim. The rim ensures that the tilm does not warp and protects the image during handling
iPro transparencies are slides that fit into the iPro projection accessory. The images can be chosen from the stock images shown here or they can be made from any other image that you own. You can send the image to us to be prepared and mounted in the slide, or you can buy a kit of mounts and transparenies foils and prepare your own with an inkjet printer.
Glass gobos make an image like a black, white and gray photograph with a full range of half tones and fine details. (as opposed to a steel gobo which is strictly a silhouette), The image is also very durable and will not burn out like a steel gobo. Any image can be made into a black and white glass gobo. Here are several stock images to choose from.
High resolution images are produced on a glass substrate. These are photographic quality color images produced with resilient dielectric coatings. The gobos are very durable and not susceptible to heat damage. We can produce any image by this process. Here are some stock images.
Combinations of gobos to produce inexpensive yet colorful and dramatic lighting effects
How to order a custom gobo
Chart showing standard gobo sizes
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